Her Ladyship’s Discipline Audiobook
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When Janet, the young maid, is caught trying on Her Ladyship's new dress she knows she is in for a most severe punishment, delivered by the under-gardener. But when fifteen years later she returns and breaks into the now almost derelict manor house, she is not prepared for the shocking secret she uncovers.

To Spank A Thief Audiobook
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When Annie is caught stealing, she is offered a deal to escape prosecution. There are three conditions which she must fulfill. The first is to endure a hard bare-bottom punishment spanking with a paddle, a strap and a cane. This is torturous enough.

The Lemon House Audiobook
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When Oonagh travels to Lake Garda to research the hidden fortifications of the region she stumbles across an uncanny mystery. At the hotel where she stays she is introduced to a lemon liqueur made from a secret family recipe which transports her to a mysterious lemon house where she makes passionate love to the delicious Gi...

The Erotic Birthday Gift: Part 2… Audiobook
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Eva's ingenious birthday gift idea for her boyfriend Joel continues. A book of free vouchers for a range of delicious sex acts, which she promises to perform whenever Joel wants to cash one.
In part 2 of the story, Eva has to cook and serve dinner naked.

Abbie in Hamburg: A Double Whopper… Audiobook
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Abbie's gap-year adventures continue. In this episode, Abbie arrives in Hamburg late at night and short of a bed. Her first act is to ask a taxi driver where she might find an accommodating lover for the night. He accommodates her vigorously himself before driving her to the Reeperbahn, where Abbie finds plenty of action in...

Aladdin and the Magic Tramp: Stories… Audiobook
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The Sultan wants to ensure his hundred concubines keep themselves in shape, so he devises a fitness plan with a difference. The losers of his weekly sprinting sessions are to be whipped by his very own lashmaster. When Orla is tricked into coming last in her race, she is fearful.

Abbie’s Spicy Train Ride Audiobook
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Abbie's hottest episode yet! Boarding a train in Amsterdam, gap year student, Abbie finds herself in a compartment with a group of Dutch lesbians who are determined to teach her a thing or two. Their journey to Hamburg proves highly eventful, not least for Abbie who finds herself handcuffed half-naked to the luggage rack an...

Filthy Fantasies Audiobook
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Three highly explicit domination and submission fantasies, wickedly narrated by Emmannuelle Blue. 'The Loan Shark': Finding herself unable to meet her weekly payment to the local loan shark, the narrator finds herself facing an unexpected punishment, following which she has the chance to pay off the instalment by working in...

Abbie In Amsterdam: Three Men in… Audiobook
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Gap-year student Abbie continues her erotic adventures around Europe. Having secured herself a holiday job in a brothel in Amsterdam's famous Red Light District, she is visited by a group of three young Englishmen on holiday. A rampant orgy is followed by a trip to the local pub, where the group play poker-face poker, a car...

The Wanton Wives Of Windsor: Part… Audiobook
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In the town of Windsor, Dr. Rumper runs a residential clinic, catering for patients suffering from nervous disorders that affect the libido. His methods are unorthodox, but are nonetheless highly effective in curing cases of acute frigidity. When Parson Bidewick's wife attends the clinic, it is not long before she overcomes...





"The Girl on the Train: A Novel"

- Paula Hawkins-


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