UFO Crash Retrievals – Status Report… Audiobook
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Leonard Stringfield was born in 1920. He was director of CRIFO (Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects) - one of the world's largest research groups during the mid-'50s, and publisher of its newsletter, ORBIT (1953-1957).

He also worked in cooperation with the United States Air Force (1953-1...

American Fascists: The Christian Right and… Audiobook
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Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other televangelists first spoke of the United States being a Christian nation that would build a global Christian empire, it was hard to take such hyperbolic rhetoric seriously. Today, such language no longer sounds like hyperbole but poses, instead, a very real threat to our f...

Critias: Classics of Greek Philosophy Audiobook
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Critias is one of Plato's late dialogues and contains the story of the mighty island kingdom Atlantis and its attempt to conquer Athens, which failed due to the ordered society of the Athenians. Critias is the second of a projected trilogy of dialogues, preceded by Timaeus and followed by Her...

SHTF Prepping: 100+ Amazing Tips, Tricks,… Audiobook
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If a crisis happened today, would you be ready for it?

Would you and your family be able to feed and protect itself?

Do you believe in wishing for the best but preparing for the worst?

If you're anything like me and have a family or loved ones to protect, then you know that being prepared in ...

The Triumph of Faith: Why the… Audiobook
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Everybody seems to take it for granted that the world is getting more secular - that faith is doomed by modernity. Scientists, secularists, and atheists applaud the change; religious believers lament it. But here's the thing: They're all wrong, and acclaimed author Rodney Stark has the numbers to prove it.


Neuro-Psychodrama in the Treatment of Relational… Audiobook
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There is a growing awareness that the body, as well as the mind, needs to be involved in therapy. Neuroscience and attachment theories have clearly demonstrated that emotion is a physiological as well as a mental phenomenon. Dr. Dayton's approach to experiential work has been in the forefront of what is now so commo...

Stop the Islamization of America Audiobook
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Islamic supremacism is seeping into every aspect of American life. Islamic jihad groups aren't solely concentrating on terror attacks (although another one of those could come at any moment), but on the creeping encroachment to introduce Islamic law into this country, step-by-step and bit-by-bit, until finally Ameri...

Gomorrah: A Personal Journey into the… Audiobook
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A groundbreaking major best seller in Italy, Gomorrah is Roberto Saviano's gripping nonfiction account of the decline of Naples under the rule of the Camorra, an organized crime network with a large international reach and stakes in construction, high fashion, illicit drugs, and toxic-waste disposal.


A Bone to Pick: The Good… Audiobook
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Since his New York Times op-ed column debuted in 2011, Mark Bittman has emerged as one of our most impassioned and opinionated observers of the food landscape. The Times' only dedicated opinion columnist covering the food beat, Bittman routinely makes listeners think twice about how the food we eat is ...

Ferguson: Three Minutes that Changed America Audiobook
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From the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post comes a meticulously detailed, insightful report on the killing that brought the nation's attention to a city coming apart at the seams.

Three minutes in Middle America shook a nation to its foundation. To many, it shone a spotlight on the frequently violent, of...





"The Girl on the Train: A Novel"

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